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    Applying for Lspd :)



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    Applying for Lspd :)

    Post by Ahsan on Mon Apr 17, 2017 3:38 pm

    Los Santos Police Department Application Format
    Fields marked with (M) are mandatory.

    [INDENT][1.1] Title: (M) [Mr/Miss/Mrs/Professor/Dr]

    [1.2] First Name: (M)

    [1.3] Surname: (M)

    [1.4] Middle Name:

    [1.5] Gender: (M)

    [1.6] Date of Birth: (M)

    [1.7] Nationality: (M)

    [1.8] Place of Birth: (M)

    [1.8.1] Place of Residence: (M)

    [1.9] Contact Details (M)
    -Phone Number:

    [1.10] Do you hold an American Driving License? (M)

    [1.11] Do you suffer from any medical condition ( Mental / Physical ) that may affect you in the line of work as a LSPD officer? (M)

    [1.12] Are you fluent in any languages other than English? (M)

    [1.13] Passport Photo: (M)
    -Please attach a passport sized photo of yourself.

    [INDENT][2.1] What is your education background? (M)

    [2.2] Do you have any previous Law Enforcement / Military experience in the United States or abroad?
    If so, please list them:

    [2.3] Do you have any prior medical training and or experience?
    If so, please list them:

    [2.5] What is your employment history? (M)

    [INDENT][3.1] Why do you want to work in Law Enforcement and in particular, the LSPD? [b][b](Minimum 250 words) (M)[/b][/b]

    [3.2] Do you have any skills, qualities or attributes that you think could aid you in a career in Law Enforcement? (Minimum 200 words) (M)[/INDENT]

    [INDENT][4.1] Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offence? (M)
    If yes, please provide details:

    [4.2] Do you have any charges pending in the United States or abroad? (M)
    If yes, please provide details:

    [4.3] Have you ever received a citation?
    If yes, please provide details:

    [INDENT]''I declare that all answers in the application are correct and completed to the best of my knowledge. I certify that I am legally eligible to work in the United States as a reputable citizen with no criminal record here and elsewhere. In agreement I give authorization to the Los Santos Police Department to investigate any statements contained within the application for necessary decisions. I guarantee that I have met the minimum requirements published by the Los Santos Police Department. I hereby understand that the employer requires for all rules and regulations of the Los Santos Police Department to be followed and if any violation of these policies occur then it is understandable that the employer can discharge the employee at any time.''

    I, first and last name , understand and agree to the above declaration.

    [INDENT][6.1] Playtime in hours:

    [6.2] Geographical Location:

    [6.3] Previous Applications:

    [6.4] Do you have TS3?

    [6.5] Can you communicate effectively and efficiently in English?

    [6.6] Do you have a working microphone?

    [6.7] Are you prepared to function in a Teamspeak environment?

    [6.8] Screenshot of Stats (F8 While In-Game, upload to

    [6.9] Screenshot of Playerwarns (F8 while in-game, upload to

    [6.9.1] Include previous warns that you have received:

    [6.10] Do you have any Alternate Accounts? If so, please state their names:

    [6.11] Do you have any Alternate Forum Accounts? If so, please state their names:
    (Failure to do this will result in a denial from the LSPD and if you are caught lying to High Command about this, then you will receive a perm-denial from the LSPD)

    [6.12] Have you ever been banned?
    (If so, what was each of the player warns for? What level?)
    (When did you you receive the ban? Playing hour wise & month / date. Include teamspeak, and forum bans.)

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